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Nazi doctor made dwarf family perform at Auschwitz ‘social club’ before ripping their teeth out in horrific experiments

EVIL Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele made family of Jewish entertainers with dwarfism perform for him – before her performed experiments on them.

Deranged Mengele had the teeth of the Ovitz family pulled out during sick experiments at the Auschwitz death camp during World War II.

Members of the Ovitz who were sent to Auschwitz


Members of the Ovitz who were sent to AuschwitzCredit: Handout
Mengele performed experiments on the family


Mengele performed experiments on the familyCredit: Rex Features

The family of 12 from Romania were a successful musical ensemble named theLilliput Troupe, who performed throughout out central Europe for 15 years.

The five family members of average height worked behind the curtains as stagehands and wardrobe mistresses. 

They managed to keep performing during the war but in May 1944 the Nazis brought them to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp because they were Jews.

Mengele was always on the lookout for subjects on which to perform his experiments in which he tested his warped views on race, such as twins.

They lived under slightly better conditions than other inmates but were subjected to harrowing and inhumane experiments.

On the night they arrived, the SS guards woke up Mengele to specially to tell him and he was delighted saying “I now have work for 20 years”, according to the Guardian.

The family were part of a musical ensemble


The family were part of a musical ensembleCredit: Getty
The family managed to survive the concentration camp


The family managed to survive the concentration campCredit: Reuters
Mengele evaded justice after the war


Mengele evaded justice after the warCredit: Hulton Archive – Getty

He wanted to prove his demented racial theory that in the course of its long history, the Jewish race had degenerated into a people of dwarves and cripples.

They were subjected to having their blood drained until they fainted and bone marrow extracted.

Healthy teeth were pulled out and, hair and eyelashes plucked, and psychological and gynaecological conducted on them.

They were also made to have babies, which later died, as part of the experiments.

They were also made to perform for Menegele and the other SS men in the camp, though that was denied by one member of the family.

Fellow inmate, the singer Fania Fenelon recalled in her autobiography what happened one night.

Josef Mengele – the Angel of Death

Josef Mengele was a German SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War.

He was a notorious member of the team of docs responsible for the selection of victims to be killed in the gas chambers and for performing deadly human experiments on prisoners.

Arrivals deemed able to work were admitted into the camp, and those deemed unfit for labour were immediately killed in the gas chambers.

He was obsessed with twins and other genetic traits and murdered children to conduct autopsies.

Mengele would infect one twin with a fatal disease, then kill the other to compare the bodies. Mengele left Auschwitz on 17 January 1945, shortly before the arrival of the liberating Red Army troops.

Assisted by a network of former SS members, Mengele sailed to Argentina in July 1949.

He initially lived in and around Buenos Aires, then fled to Paraguay in 1959 and Brazil in 1960.

In spite of extradition requests by the German government and clandestine operations by Mossad, Mengele eluded capture.

He drowned while swimming off the Brazilian coast in 1979 and was buried under a false name.

His remains were disinterred and positively identified by forensic examination in 1985.

“We start with a foxtrot, Mengele waving his hand, the dwarves filling the stage, some couples dancing, other participants only managing a kind of grotesque, depressing twist,” she wrote.

Remarkably all 12 members of the Ovitz family, from the youngest a baby boy just 18 months old to his 58-year-old dwarf aunt, emerged alive.

The family emigrated to Israel in May 1949 and three months later, the Lilliput Troupe was back on stage before they retired in 1955.

The first-born, Rozika, reached the age of 98 and her sister Franziska died aged 91 while Perla Ovitz died in September 2001.

Mengele managed to evade justice after the war and died when he drowned off the coast of the state of Sao Paulo.

He had been on the run for years, hiding while being pursued for performing vile experiments.

Auschwitz Untold: In Colour – More4 doc depicts chilling story of the Nazi genocide of Jews with newly colourised footage

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